Move over Genmaicha here comes Lapsang Souchong

Over the past few years I have seen the tea selection at the Asian market expand from just half the isle to the whole isle.  Then Genmaicha got it's own shelf.  A customer said he liked it so much he bought an entire pound of it to drink by himself.  That's about 200 cups of tea.  Genmaicha is still an up and comer to the American market.  For those who do not like the grassy taste of green tea, Genmaicha is an excellent alternative with it's toasty flavor of roasted rice.   It is one of my personal favorites as well as a favorite amongst my customers.

Lately I have been having people ask me about Lapsang Souchong.  This is a black tea that is smoked.  People in America are finding the reminiscent campfire aroma is enticing and the taste can be amazing to some.  As with any tea, it's purely a preference but the more you drink quality teas the more you will be able to determine distinctions of the tea and where it comes from whether it's grown in China or India. If it was close to the sea or high on a mountain.   Even if you don't get to that point, you could appreciate the distinct flavor that Lapsang Souchong has. 

Although currently Necessitea does not carry Lapsang Souchong, it very possibly could start carrying it in the near future.