Starbucks, your tea sucks

When ordering green tea at Starbucks they fail to mention they add a sweetener.  I'm over the sugar being added to everything, especially for children.  I have yet to find any kid-friendly beverages offered  by Starbucks.  Except milk which is questionable.  Even the soy milk is suspected of being GMO so other than water what is safe? 

Recently I entered a Starbucks and agreed with my 9 year old daughter that a green tea would be an acceptable choice for her.  I specifically asked that they do not add the sweetener.  I tasted it before I handed it to her and either they added it anyways or it just naturally comes sweet at Starbucks.  As an avid green tea drinker I can honestly say there isn't much original green tea flavor in their green tea.  I get it, green tea is not the favorite flavor for most people but sweetening it beyond recognition is nearly a crime.   Especially when I'm trying to keep my child from becoming a diabetic.

Starbucks, you are doing it wrong.