What's In The Tea?

Many people over the years have asked many questions about what is in the tea.   Well, besides tea there may be flavoring but that's about it.  What exactly is in tea?  An eight-ounce cup of brewed black tea contains 88 mg potassium and a cup of green tea contains 21 mg potassium. Sodium and phosphorus content is less than 3 mg.  If flavorings are added it all depends on those flavorings and whether they are glucose based or oil based.  Our teas are almost all glucose based while some are "scented".  This technique occurs by merely placing tea with another plant where the tea will then absorb the scent because it is quite porous.  Jasmine teas are usually scented and not flavored.  Other than those minuscule amounts of ingredients, tea's main ingredient is caffeine.  Once consumed it will generate 2 calories.  If the tea you are drinking is herbal then that is a completely different ingredient and each has it's own profile.