Pu-ehr, The Kombucha of Teas

Some people who have gotten on the Kombucha drinking craze may find that they get a bit of a euphoric buzz because there is a hint of alcohol in it.  I'm not talking about the alcohol aspect of Kombucha but I am talking about the microbial fermentation that occurs in the process of the process.  Pu-ehr is picked from the same plants that black and green tea comes from.  It's all in the way it is processed.  True Pu-ehr comes from the Yunnan province of China.  Where they aged the tea in a cave, the older the tea the more treasured.  True Pu-ehr can cost over $100 an once.  However, new tea processing technologies can produce teas to imitate the aged Pu-ehr teas of Yunnan.  Microbial probiotics are introduced to the teas for fast processing and gives the same Pu-ehr taste that are mimicked versions of the Yunnan original.  It is the only tea that truely goes through a fermentation process.  Some get the oxidation process mixed up with the fermentation process.  Pu-ehr is known to be great for digestion and lowering choloesterol because it's the only tea that contains lovastatin, which is often prescribed to those with high cholesterol.  It is also high in antioxidants which supports vascular stability.  Pu-ehr, also known as Puer, is usually found pressed into cakes.  Sometimes found as little cakes or pressed into a brick or large round cake.   It is then flaked off the large cake to create a rich flavored tea.