Tea Service by Necessitea

Party Host - Invite your friends to a party you throw.  Choose a pairing with the tea, either chocolate, cheese, or standard high tea selection.  A tea presentation will be included and guests will have the opportunity to purchase teas right from your party.  

- No charge, in fact you get a free gift for hosting.


Light Service - Hosting an event where you would like to have a tea station? Or do you need tea to be served to your guests?  Either a stationary service table/bar is available where tea is poured individually as guests approach the station.  Or tea can be brewed and kept consistently for your guests in either air pots or iced dispensers where guests can come and just instantly pour their own.

- $100 for one hour of service.


Full Service - Host a party in a space where you will have various guests.  We provide the tea, tea wares, and food for a fully executed high tea for you and your guests.  Sit back and let us serve you.  

- $45 per guest.