Taking care of your tea

Tea is a strong plant in nature but once it's picked and processed into the variety of different teas you can choose from, whether it's green or black, it becomes fragile to the environment.   There are 3 things that tea will quickly lose it's quality; light, air, and heat.  It's definitely not wise to keep your tea in a glass container unless the glass is brown or you keep the container in a dark space.   Do not freeze your tea as it will also compromise the quality of your tea.  Some serious tea drinkers do refrigerate tea after steeping to be reused again but keeping tea refrigerated before use might turn your tea into the replacement for baking soda if it's not contained in an air tight container.  Tea will absorb odors and change the flavor to whatever you are exposing it to.  The absolutely best way to keep your tea is in a tea tin.  It's also wise to use the same container for the same flavor tea.  If you get a different flavor, you should get a different tin as well.  True tea connoisseurs will also use a different tea pot for each different tea they use in the teapot if they are putting the tea directly into the pot or use a teapot that has a steeper attachment.  If kept properly, your tea should last 12 to 18 months.