Jasmine Tea, immunity booster and lifespan extender.

Somewhere there was a comment that Jasmine tea had extended the lifespan of a fruit fly by 14 days.   Today a Google search was conducted to find this piece of information.  Only the same regurgitated comment was found on various sites, it goes something like this;

"It is believed that the health benefits of jasmine tea may                                                     surpass those of green tea. Several studies have found jasmine tea lowers cholesterol levels. Other studies found  that fruit flies lived                                                     20% longer when jasmine tea was added to their drinking water. "

At Necessitea, nothing is more unsatisfying than unocumented scientific findings.  And while no direct link could be located to explain the particular study of lifespan of fruit flies that feed of Jasmine flowers, Necessitea stands firm with the belief that consuming Jasmine Green tea on a regular basis defends the body against common ailments like the common cold.   And if it makes us live longer, all the better reason to drink it.

Reading scientific findings is not exciting but drinking Jasmine Green Tea is!  Try a cup, it's calming, soothing, and it tastes good too.


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