You Can't Have This Tea

You may have heard of a tea that we have but yet you can't find it on the website.  Yes it's true that we carry some flavors that are not found on the website because they are limited edition and are sometimes gone before we can even get them online.  The best way to get these coveted flavors is to simply send us a message.  We will respond to you with whatever teas we currently have offline.  As well as our seasonal holiday blend.  Our 2017 Holiday blend is a Gingerbread Orange Rooibos.  An herbal tea that contains pistachios, almonds, orange peels, coriander and peppercorns to give this tea a warm cozy feeling as you sip.  Even better, we can get almost any tea that we don't currently carry.  So don't be shy, contact us for our offline teas.