Licorice Mint

Licorice Mint was created for the head cold. Licorice root is good for the throat. Peppermint helps with the ease of headaches. And rose hips are added for their high concentration of vitamin C. Most people who see the word licorice will recoil in the horror of the idea of a tea tasting like the anise flavor of black licorice. However, licorice root is not the same as black licorice. It’s a complete surprise to those who declare their disdain for the flavor of licorice who sip the soothing blend and declare they like it.

A review was done by Onemoresteep and we agree our labeling is lacking, but we also know the tea is on point.

Licorice Mint was our top seller this year at the Northwest Tea Festival of 2018. We completely ran out of our entire stock of Licorice Mint, even our back stock. So stock up for the cold and flu season and get your Licorice Mint tea by necessitea. No caffience. 100% herbal. Steep for 5 minutes or more. Good for one steep only.