Tea Prices On The Rise

The dreaded moment is here where we are faced with raising prices to adjust to the new 10% on Chinese goods which means most teas that originate from China will come with a higher price tag. That will either cause distributing areas from Africa, Europe, Canada and within the United State to calibrate their business to favoring non-tariff laden teas.

Luckily for Necessitea, we are planning so many changes that we can avoid passing on higher tariff’s onto our customers. However, that is not the cause of the need to increase our prices. Only the second increase we have had to face in over 16 years of being in business. This is due to the extreme requirements that the FDA is now imposing on the tea industry where they let teas sell with minimal labeling and packaging demands.

With the new rules we had to make the decision between closing our doors or adjusting to the new rules which meant spending more to keep up with the new rules. And we are willing to keep going so we made the decision to increase the prices.

Starting on September 1, 2019 our prices will increase to keep up with the new rules and the ability to keep offering the best teas we can find to be sipped and savored by our most fervent fans. Some teas will stay the same price. If you see those, it’s because they are being closed out and no longer offered. You can also catch us at the Northwest Tea Festival next month where we will be offering the current prices on all of our teas. Hope to see you there!