Your tea identitiy

Buzzfeed posted an interesting blanket statement and generalization about who you must be based on your tea preference.   I looked it over and although I see where they were going with this, they are missing the extreme tea connoisseurs who would scoff at such an audacious consensus.  Rather than describing what the highly refined tea drinker is drinking they just took quotes from people with explanations about types of tea and types of people who would drink those teas in the ways mentioned.  With milk, without milk, with sweetener, on and on.  Here is my perspective on the same teas they mention in Buzzfeed.

1. Earl Grey = Your Fathers Tea.  He might put milk in it but if he has been drinking tea long enough he knows that milk is not what you add to Earl Grey.  He might even wince at the thought of changing teas in case his order can not be filled.   He might settle for and English Breakfast or Constant Comment if forced to use a tea bag.

2. Darjeeling = The Well Traveled.   If you have been outside of America then you probably were offered Darjeeling on one of your trips (that includes all of the continent of North and South America). Worldly tea drinkers covet the spring or "first" flush of this highly prized tea.  So if you have been exposed to the different black teas in the world you might realize, yes Darjeeling is considered the best.

3. Rooibos = The Health Conscious.  This is actually not tea.  It does not come from the same plant that produces tea.  This is a non-caffienated bush that grows in Africa but is a perfect alternative to green tea for those looking for the health benefits without the stimulant.

4. Yorkshire Tea = The Ignorant Connoisseur. This is a brand, not a tea flavor.  If you are drinking it for the name then you clearly don't know anything about tea.

5. Milk & Sugar =  What does this have to do with tea drinking?  If you feel the need to put these in your tea then you aren't drinking good tea and just as with bad coffee you put milk and sugar to adjust the bad taste.  True tea drinkers don't use these additions unless it's a habit to add milk and/or sugar to your beverages.

6. Decaf = A joke in the tea world.  To decaffeinate your tea is compromising the original complexity of your tea.  If you need to do without caffeine, drink herbs not tea.

7. Mint Tea = Yes it's basic, you can serve it to anyone.  It's completely harmless.  However, yet again, it is not tea.  It's an herb.

8. Green Tea = The Zen Seekers.   If you are a first time tea drinker and you choose a plain or straight up green tea you might be surprised that it's probably not the best taste in the world.  However if you go with a Genmaicha or a Jasmine flavored green it is much more palatable and soothing.  This is the tea that has all the good stuff in it.  Everyone should  drink green tea.  Calm and control indeed.

9. Chamomile = Bedtimers, people looking to relax.  Kids can have this before bed and it will relax them.  Or anyone who drinks this.  It has a sweet taste, not mothballs.  It's aromatic and pleasant all around.  This herb actually makes you sleepy.

10. Fruit Tea = For people who don't know what tea should taste like.   I concur on this one. 

11. The worst people don't even drink tea?  Wow, now that is being quite presumptuous.  I will have to say for people to claim they don't like tea.  I challenge them that perhaps they don't like poor quality tea.  If you haven't been exposed to really good tea then your opinion doesn't count.